Playing Hurdy-Gurdy

Hurdy-Gurdy Musical Lessons

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The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy is a full-fledged musical instrument. It’s easy to play dancing melodies, from folk to modern. To start the music flowing, the player just need to crank the handle with one hand to kick off a drone sound from the bourdon and melody strings. Pushing the wooden buttons with the fingers of the other hand changes the pitch of the melody string, as "spring-loaded" wooden blocks essentially shorten the string.

Hurdy-Gurdy Musical Lessons. Performed by Oleksiy Kabanov, a professional Hurdy-Gurdy master and Ugears team

Melodies from all over the world played on the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy

Jingle Bells
Medieval Rock’n’Roll
Modern Rock’n’Roll
Game of Thrones
Ode to Joy (EU Anthem)
Hurdy-Gurdy Playing Lessons
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Branle des Sabots
USA National Anthem
Ukraine National Anthem
Moonlight in the night: a Ukrainian folk song