Ugears joined the charity initiative "New Year's Miracle for Children of Heroes"

Ugears joined the charity initiative "New Year's Miracle for Children of Heroes"

Winter holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones, step away from the everyday hustle, be together, give gifts, and share smiles. During these festive days of Christmas and New Year, we must not forget those who need our attention and support most urgently – the children who have lost their parents due to the war unleashed by Russia. Ugears donated 300 model kits as a gift for the winter holidays to the "Children of Heroes" charity fund. The gift included six different models that will surely delight these young builders.

Today, the "Children of Heroes" charity fund supports over 6000 children who have lost one or both parents due to the war, providing them with urgent financial, medical, humanitarian, and psychological assistance. The number of their wards is unfortunately increasing – about 25 children apply to the fund every day.

Ugears wooden mechanical 3D model kits are an exciting hobby for both adults and children. The catalog features over 100 models of different complexity levels and for every taste: vehicles, animals, clocks, chests, marble runs, and even real musical instruments that can be assembled by hand without glue or any tools. The uniqueness of these models lies in their recognizable design, attention to detail, and fascinating mechanics. By assembling Ugears 3D puzzles, children learn the basics of engineering and develop their creative potential.

The Ugears model kits have already been delivered to the fund and handed over to these young, curious builders, who in time will become the builders of a new Ukraine.

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