Round and round it goes. Introducing UGEARS new Globe, Carousel, and Mars Buggy

Is there anything more fascinating than creating something with your own hands? Especially if it is a meticulously designed clever animated mechanism mimicking the functions of their real-life prototypes.

Wooden mechanical model kits from Ugears give you a few hours away from your daily cares as you dive into the amazing world of moving mechanisms. Assembling 3D puzzles, you will enjoy the process itself as well as learn and understand the ways different mechanisms work.

The Ugears team is prepared to issue three new models: the super-stylish Mechanical Globe, the delicate and romantic Carousel, and the futuristic Mars Buggy. They are designed to gladden the hearts of both experienced model builders and those who have only begun to explore this clever and engaging hobby.

ugears new models

The new models, just like all their predecessors, are designed and produced in Ukraine. They are made of a high quality wood that has been tested in European labs. The details are pre-cut in the plywood boards with a high-precision laser. Lightly pushed with a finger they easily pop out of the board and are ready to assemble – no glue or additional tools needed.

The model kits come with a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual in 11 languages that will lead you through the whole process of assembly without hassle.

3D puzzles for adults from Ugears are not only a fun pastime, but a stylish decorative element for you home or office. A Ugears construction kit can be an original present for your friends, family or colleagues.

You have a chance to be one of the first to assemble three new unique models:

Stylish globe for inquisitive adventure seekers

Ugears Globus mechanical model

The Mechanical Globe is a wooden model of Earth with stylized continents. The puzzle is comprised of two main blocks – the Earth sphere and a platform with a mechanism that propels the model. The sphere sits on a platform and is attached with a central axis that transfers rotation from the main mechanism. Notably, the axis of the wooden globe model has the same angle as the axis of the Earth.

The wooden globe puzzle has a few extras: the shuttle and satellite (sputnik) that circle around the equator of the Globe. Choose the one you like and mount it on a special support.

Special features of the model:

  • Works on energy produced by a rubber-band motor
  • New winding system: to wind up the Mechanical Globe, you need to turn the handle in the base of the model clockwise till it stops. The motor starts automatically when you let go of the handle.
  • A pendulum reducer slows down the rotation of the Earth sphere, making it smoother and visually more attractive while showing off the mechanism in action.
  • The satellites connect to the main module via a planetary mechanism. This connection type makes them spin around the globe almost twice as fast as the sphere rotates itself, making almost two full circles in one winding while the globe makes only one complete revolution.

The Globe can also be rotated manually.

The 3D wooden globe model kit includes 184 details. The average assembly time is 4 hours. The dimensions of the assembled model are 21 х 18.5 х 18.5 сm.

Explore the world and travel to new unknown places! More info of a model Globe here


Fantasy Carousel for romantic dreamers

ugears Carousel Mechanical model

The 3D Carousel Puzzle invites you to a holiday fairground, where the air is soaked with the smell of cotton candy and mulled wine, with sounds of music and happy laughter.

Two kinds of horses rock up and down as the model spins – just like in the real carousels. The core of the model is a center pole that rotates in a direction opposite to the main platform making it look as if the carousel spins faster than it really does and creates the fascinating dynamics of the whole construction. The pole rises over the roof making it visually more delicate and at the same time giving the carousel wooden toy more volume. Add little birds soaring over the roof along with decorative flying lanterns and you may just sense the aroma of hot dogs and cotton candy!

Special features of the model:

  • Works on energy produced by a rubber-band motor
  • A wind-up key under its base provides tension to the rubber bands attached to the main axle. The pendulum gear slows down the axle and makes the movement of the modules and details smoother.
  • The main axle is connected to the central pole via the planetary gear that ensures that it rotates in the direction opposite to the main platform.
  • The roof is attached to the main axle and crankshafts that make the horses go up and down while spinning around the central pole.

The 3D Carousel puzzle can be rotated manually, for example by turning its roof.

The model kit includes 305 details. The average assembly time is 6 hours. The dimensions of the assembled model are 21 х 21 х 26 сm.

Our Carousel will spin and dazzle you! More info of a model Carousel here


Your trusted interplanetary assistant, Mars Buggy for fearless pioneers

Ugears Mars Buggy mechanical model

For the first time, Ugears engineers created a truly out-of-this-world model for the exploration of extraterrestrial landscapes – introducing the Mars Buggy model. This steady and reliable six-wheel rover can ride around and over small obstacles to deliver important samples to the base. If you want to use it in your office space, the Buggy can keep and deliver small stationery items such as paperclips, erasers, sharpeners, etc. The Mars rover can be a wonderful self-organizing toy gift for a colleague or a friend.

Special features of the model:

  • The six wheel arrangement of the model is cleverly inter-connected to provide better maneuvering;
    The roof of the Mars Buggy opens to accommodate small cargo.
  • Mars Buggy has solar panels on either side of the roof and a ladder in its rear end.
  • On the right side of the rover’s cabin you will find a camera that will keep track of the Martian environment.
  • The futuristic design of the wooden mechanical model is completed with an image of the Red Planet that it proudly carries on its front panel.

The toy model kit “Mars Buggy” includes 95 details.

The average assembly time is 30 minutes. The dimensions of the assembled model are 9 х 6.2 х 6.8 сm.

Get ready for your mission to Mars! More info of a model Mars Buggy here

* * *

You can find all the necessary information and purchase the wooden mechanical models on our website.

Welcome to the fascinating world of 3D puzzles from Ugears! Find out about our new models: Mechanical Globe, Carousel, and Mars Buggy!

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