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Delivery and returns

Delivery and returns:

The price of the item depends on the region it is to be delivered to.

Minimum order:

- USA – USD 25.00

- EU countries – EUR 25.00

- UK – GBP 25.00

- Rest of the world - EUR 25.00

Delivery to USA, the UK, and other countries of the European Union is free of charge.

Delivery to the rest of the world (not including the above mentioned countries of the European Union, USA, and the UK) is free for orders over EUR 50 (starting EUR 50.01).

The order will be delivered by post or courier services working in the country (territory) where the order was placed or where the item is ordered to be delivered.

The term of shipping is from three to seven days from the date the order has been placed. We will begin to process your order as soon as our manager receives and verifies it, of which you will be duly informed via e-mail containing the confirmation of your order as well as all order tracking information.

We accept payments by:

- PayPal

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