UGEARS Christmas 2016 Campaign is ON THE AIR on Kickstarter

Time to start your collection. Santa has already ordered one :)

Link to UGEARS’ Campaign on Kickstarter:

Almost a year has passed since our 2015 Kickstarter Steam Locomotive Campaign, and this year UGEARS is doubling-down on a new campaign by offering backers exclusive access to our new models, a Mechanical Tanker and a Fire Truck, and unique option to create your own set of models choosing from the full UGEARS' collection. 

It started with an idea to impress our beloved and became the collection that brings people of all ages to childhood memories and the world of creation. 

Each UGEARS model assembles easily and without the need for glue or special tools thanks to our patented plywood joints. And instead of a simple static display, each model is capable of a unique and fascinating range of self-powered movements, all without batteries.

A unique combination of wood and mechanics. Awesome gift and pure mechanical marvel! Gorgeous, intelligent design, smart hobby, Steampunk and Artistry at its best!

Today, hobbyists are assembling UGEARS models in 75 countries across 5 continents, and we care deeply about the great support, priceless feedback, and kind advice we have received from each of them. 

Welcome to UGEARS world. Time to start your collection! Santa has already ordered one :)

Link on UGEARS Christmas Mechanical Symphony on Kickstarter:

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