Aid to Ukraine from Ugears co-founders

Aid to Ukraine from Ugears co-founders

When Russia launched its full-scale war against its peaceful neighbor on February 24, 2022, Ugears' founders pledged and began donating 1 million euro to help support Ukrainian defenders, refugees and those suffering from the Russian attack. This work has been in process since the first day of the full-scale war and will continue until Ukraine’s eventual victory. Today we share the results achieved. 

Starting in March 2022, our team both in Ukraine and abroad have gathered requests, searching for and delivering the necessary items from countries throughout Europe. Priority was given to providing vehicles for the armed forces of Ukraine because the need for means of transport is so high. We also bought ammunition, clothing, optical instruments, food, and medicine. We were able to purchase some of the clothing for our defenders from Ukrainian manufacturers.

The funds for the purchase and delivery of all these items was donated by Ugears co-founders Gennadiy Shestak and Olha Kravchuk.

As of the beginning of July, Ugears' co-founders have donated €850,292 toward the purchase and delivery of aid, including:

  • €481,087 for military equipment, including clothing, armor, tourniquets,and optical instruments;
  • €70,000 for aid to the affected villages of the Kyiv region, including food, hygiene products and medicine;
  • €299,205 for the purchase and preparation of vehicles for our defenders. These include 24 pickup trucks, 13 SUVs, 17 minibuses, 1 ATV, 1 gun carriage, and 1 ambulance. 

The money for the vehicles was donated by Ugears' co-founders. For all the work done to select, prepare and deliver the vehicles, we thank our friends/volunteers Andriy Nechypor, Yuriy Tyravskyi, Dmytro Hrytsan, Vladyslav Anikin, Ihor Kornilov, and Ivan Hurelych.

The list of all the donated equipment, as well as photos, videos, and certificates of gratitude from military subunits are available in the presentation.

We thank the defenders of Ukraine for the opportunity to get back to work in the Kyiv region in late May. Many challenges remain, and the months ahead will be difficult, but we firmly believe that victory is ours.

Glory to Ukraine!

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